Prestatyn to become Muslim Capital of Wales as new ‘Super Mosque’ planning permission given the green light

Denbighshire county council have just approved planning permission for Wales’ largest mosque. The land that used to occupy Prestatyn market on Gas Works Lane has recently been sold at auction for £3.2 million.

This venture has been kept very quiet and has left locals wondering who has purchased the land and what it going to be built on the development site.

We can now confirm planning permission has been given the green light and building work is set to start in Spring 2019.

Mike Parkinson, who lives in Prestatyn, said: “The plans look amazing, this can only be a good thing for Prestatyn”

“Prestatyn needs brave and modern public architecture to compliment the surviving historic buildings and to make up for the bland identikit private housing estates that are spoiling the periphery of the town and every bit of spare land within it.”

Other locals have not been so enthusiastic about the new mosque

Dan Turner said: “Church or mosque or whatever religious building, £3.2 million is a complete waste of money. There are so many more important things to invest in. A pretty building for religion is a luxury. You can pray in a field, in your house or at work for free. Invest in what brings back a return or brings benefit to all for that much money.”

Beryl Mead said: “This is an absolute disaster for Prestatyn. House prices are going to reduce dramatically because of this new mosque and the parking issues are going to become increasingly more difficult”

The new mosque which is expected to have enough prayer space for around 4,500 worshippers, is expected to be open in Summer 2020.

The mosque will be built as part of a wider development, which will include the construction of four apartments and a new sports centre in Prestatyn.

The total development is expected to cost Denbighshire county council in excess of £5.5 million.